The Launch of TrapMusic.NET - The Vision

As of today, TrapMusic.NET will officially become an active part of The EDM Network. Curated by Disc Jockey Nappy, TrapMusic.NET is dedicated to delivering the very best content in the genre, straight to the hands of the listeners.

Official Launch of TrapMusic.NET

Trap's roots are a decade old, embedded in the south, and started off as a brand that had NOTHING to do with electronic music whatsoever. T.I., Young Jeezy, UGK, and Three 6 Mafia certainly put trap on the map, and beats from Lex Luger, Drumma Boy, and Toomp set the tone for these records. Countless others held relevance in this scene, and it's still thriving in Atlanta. The trap we're posting, however, is of the electronic music variety…

Flosstradamus' remix of Major Lazer's 'Original Don' changed the scene forever. Producers have been mixing trap influence into electronic records for YEARS before this one, but none created the frenzy that this track incited. It meshed the 808 sound, snappy hi-hats, and robust snares that the trap scene was known for with contemporary electronic synths and sequencing. The 'Original Don' remix was also heavily supported by every DJ that had an ear for music. Producers and DJ's that had been doing their homework slid quickly into the game and took it over. Our 'Trap Ambassador' Daniel Disaster of Heroes x Villains, Carnage, Mayhem, Antiserum, TNGHT, Munchi. None of these producers landed on the map by chance. They had all been making dope records with various style for years, and the scene finally caught up to them.

Baauer's Harlem shake became the first electronic trap record to hit number 1 on the Billboard charts. It's a wonderful record, but it was already a year old by the time people understood what was happening. It was pushed to wide-spread success by viral videos, and wasn't a record that any of us were really playing out anymore. We now have a scene where people are latching onto the sound without doing the homework necessary to understand the reality of the trap scene. We've been right here the whole time, and want to be sure that you aren't a year late to put your ears to the next hot record.

Our job at TrapMusic.NET is to give you (the listener) a heads up on records that actually matter. We refuse to water down this scene. We play this music in our cars, at home, and in the club. This is the life we live, not a hobby or a platform to exploit a scene and generate clicks. We have the best producers and DJs in the world pushing music into our hands. We're here with the explicit permission of every artist that has a track featured on our Network, and it is our highest priority to keep the sound genuine, and to fully respect the rights of the artists who produce the records we love. The EDM Network follows this policy for all of their sites and platforms, and we say this with the upmost pride. Welcome to TrapMusic.NET!

Written by: Disc Jockey Nappy